Chickpea Pasta!

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I have recently fallen in love with this pasta and just had to let the world know my latest obsession so here is my quickie review!

This pasta is made of only 2 ingredients: Organic chickpea flour and Organic red lentil flour. Each 227g box contains a significant amount of folate (Hello pregnant good for you!) Iron, zinc, vitamin B5, and magnesium are a few others that make it big. No artificial flavours, colours or added sugar…literally just 2 ingredients.

I first discovered this pasta at my local Longos and knew I just had to try it! I have tried all kinds of pasta and my family currently eats spelt, whole wheat and Catelli Greens. Being of Italian decent I just can’t get pasta out of my diet. I have tried on numerous occasions to eliminate it, eat less of it, and pretend I don’t like it anymore and I have to face reality that it’s just not going to happen.

At $5.99 a box for 227g I would not recommend using it at your next dinner party but in my opinion it is a small price for huge nutritional rewards for you and your family. All it really means is you can stop buying a bunch of .99 cent pasta bags and splurge a bit on a quality box of Chickpea Pasta once in a while. I have to confess that I bought a couple boxes and have almost entirely replaced my pasta stash.

How does it taste?

Hmm…good question. It definitely doesn’t taste like normal pasta. It tastes like a mix of bean, whole wheat and spelt. I have made it with my homemade tomato sauce and it is perfection! (see pic below)

Chickapea Pasta Spirals with my homemade tomato sauce

The best part of this product? Created by a Canadian Mama. I love supporting Canadian anything.

The pasta comes in 3 varieties: spirals, penne, and shells. You can purchase it online or check out their website to find your local grocery store that carries it.  If you sign up for their newsletter you will receive 15% off your first order. You better believe I am taking advantage of that!

All thoughts and opinions in this blog post are 100% my own. I purchased Chickapea Pasta from my local Longos at $5.99/box. I have never seen it on sale, but just deal with it and buy it already! 😉

“Try the World” Subscription Box Review

I love getting little goodies in the mail. Whenever something comes for me, it feels like Christmas and I get all giddy! When I received these 2 tasty gourmet food boxes, I was salivating at how yummy everything looked and I am always up for trying something new and different.

Let me first start by introducing one of the most unique and scrumptious subscription boxes. “Try the World” is a unique subscription box that is curated by expert chefs. Each item in the box is truly authentic and comes from the country of origin so you can be sure that you are only getting the absolute best. Each box comes with a variety of recipes, suggestions, and tips on how to use the products in the box and every product is accompanied by a little story about that particular item.

My particular favourites were the amaretti cookies from the Taste of Italy box and the Mexican hot chocolate tablets from the Holiday box. Scroll below to see all the goodies you can expect to find in these boxes!

Try the World “Taste of Italy” Box
Risotto al Funghi Porcini. This was SO GOOD and super easy to make. All you had to do was add a 1/2 cup of water every 5 min or so for 30 min. 
Egg Pappardelle with Pesto all provided in this box. This fed both my husband and I and our toddler.


Try the World “Holiday” Box
Mexican hot chocolate tabs in hot milk. So good!

A variety of subscription options are available on the site. Starting at $29/month you can receive 7 to 8 gourmet delicacies from around the world each month. Both of my boxes came with a 20% off promo code (exclusive to subscribers) to use at the online store (more amaretti please!!) The shop carries all the products sampled in the box so you can purchase your favourites.

Thinking about subscribing? I’m including a link to a FREE “Taste of Italy” box with a subscription!:

A huge thank you to Try the World for sending over these 2 boxes for me to sample in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts in this post are 100% my own.