“Walk It Off” Book Review

**Disclaimer: I received this book from Simon & Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review. All opinion and thoughts in this blog post are 100% my own.  

This is a hilarious memoir of actress Ruth Marshall’s journey from discovering a slow growing tumour in her spine to learning how to walk, pee, resume normal activities and life all over again. Marshall is brutally honest of her account during her rehabilitation and gives us details of her trials and tribulations during this time. Her determination to get well and not take no for an answer gave me a newfound appreciation for all things big and small! It also made me appreciate life in general and people with spinal cord injuries so much more and all the little things that we so often take for granted day to day. Picking up my small children, making dinner, going for walks outside, driving. All of these seemingly simple tasks were new challenges for her. Her recollection of everything that happened during this time in her life was clearly documented with such vivid account of detail it does feel like you are right there with her in the moment sharing with her thoughts and feelings. 

How did I feel reading it?

 I always judge a memoir based on how I felt reading it and I have to admit that I am not always in a mood to read one- Especially if it involves sad moments and sad events, it puts me in a certain mood that I find hard to shake off. When I sit down to prepare a review I ask myself the following questions, — 

-Was I able to “feel” in the moment with the words on the page how the author felt during certain times?  

-Did she take the reader to her place of happiness/loneliness/sadness and accurately capture her experience?

This to me is the most important basis of a memoir and understanding the authors journey. The answer to all the above is yes and yes. I felt various emotions while reading this book, happy at times and cheering her on, really sad during her diagnosis and at points during her recovery where I would picture her struggling to do simple tasks. As a mother and wife myself I can relate and also cannot imagine how difficult it must be to have your routine for yourself and your family change overnight. Overall this memoir left me feeling grateful and happy and I truly enjoyed it. This was also a super easy read and I finished it in 2 days. Bonus: I love that she is from Toronto as I was able to relate to all the hospitals and landmarks she discussed in the book! 

What to expect 

The occasional swear word and a detailed eye-opening account of her journey to rehabilitation including learning to walk, run, have sex, and adjust to her new circumstances.  

Not sure if this memoir is for you? Read an exclusive excerpt from the Simon & Schuster website! Click here: Walk It Off

You may purchase this book at chaptersindigo.ca for the current price of $29.18 CAD. 

Let me know what you think! ….Comment below if you had a chance to read it!

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