Launch of My Sweetie Pie Pyjamas!

Hello dedicated followers!

I am super thrilled to announce the launch of my pyjama company, My Sweetie Pie PJs! As you all know I am a stay at home mother of a 2 year old with another on the way (coming very soon!) I have been working very hard on this project for the past couple months and I am super excited to provide Mamas with super comfy jammies to match their little one. I decided to start this company after searching online and in my community for cute matching pjs for myself and my little girl. I couldn’t find anything! When I did find something I liked, it would be coming from the United States and the shipping costs would be outrageous and downright unaffordable.

I am proud to say that these pjs are 100% Made in Canada and designed by myself.  Currently I ship to the United States and Canada but will most definitely expand to international in the future. They are made of 100% cotton flannelette and are SUPER COMFY!! I carry women’s sizes small, medium and large and baby sizes newborn to 12 months. There are plans in the near future for toddler and children sizes as well. (yay!)

Please feel free to check out my Etsy Store!

**MY SWEETIE PIE PJS SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. Kindly follow and support! xo**





Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me any questions you may have! I’m super friendly..promise! 🙂




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