Book Review: “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better”

Book Review: "I Can't Believe It's Not Better" By Monica Heisey Toronto born writer and comedian Monica Heisey guides women to coping with life in her new book “I can’t believe it’s not better”. Heisey is best known for her regular how-to column, “The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide “ for Canadian website, She Does the City.… Continue reading Book Review: “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better”

Cookbook Review: “Flavor Flours” By Alice Medrich

  Who would have ever thought brownies made with rice flour would make them taste even more chocolaty? Or that chocolate chip cookies would be even tastier made without traditional all-purpose white flour? In “Flavor Flours”, it is evident that Medrich spent countless hours in the kitchen, testing and experimenting with these flours that would… Continue reading Cookbook Review: “Flavor Flours” By Alice Medrich

Cookbook Review: “Duchess Bake Shop” By Giselle Courteau

This is quite possibly the prettiest cookbook I have ever laid my hands on. The front and back of the book is covered in linen, the golden lettering and the antique-looking logo makes me feel like I am reading a classic cookbook from my moms collection. “Duchess Bake Shop” written by Calgary bakeshop owner Giselle… Continue reading Cookbook Review: “Duchess Bake Shop” By Giselle Courteau

Cookbook Review: “Butter Celebrates!” By Rosie Daykin

Cookbook Review: "Butter Celebrates!" By Rosie Daykin Another beautiful cookbook written by Vancouver based bakeshop owner, Rosie Daykin. If you haven’t already checked out her first cookbook “Butter Baked Goods”, you are truly missing out. The recipes in this book are amazing and the food photography by award winning photographer, Janis Nicolay is spot on.… Continue reading Cookbook Review: “Butter Celebrates!” By Rosie Daykin